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Delhi Airport – Restaurants in Terminal 3 and Terminal 1

Restaurants and Food courts: Terminals T3 and T1  is a delight for all foodies from Pure Indian Street foods to international cuisine, where passengers and travelers can tingle their taste buds, indulge in some sweet obsession and cling their glasses with international and domestic spirits. It has some favorite food joints such as.


For Casual dining and drinking, one can go to

  • Street food by Punjab Grill
  • Café Delhi Heights
  • The Irish house
  • Grid Bar
  • Delhi Daredevils bar
  • Buddy Bar
  • Au Bon Pain


It has Multiple coffee shops


  • Bakers street at T1 and T3 international departure pure Italian style freshly brewed coffee with desserts like blueberry cheesecakes and all
  • Café Espresso at T2 Departure
  • Cafeccino at T1 arrival and T3 departure and international arrival
  • Cost Coffee total 5 outlets at T1 arrival and departure, T3 international and domestic arrival and departure.
  • Starbucks world’s largest and most popular café chain has 4 outlets with T3 and T1 arrival and departure.
  • Cafe Coffe Day – CCD Square is available at T3 Domestic departure hall after security check

Food courts offer a wide range of cuisine like south India food, North Indian Punjabi delight, and grab and go fast food options. It has famous chains like McDonald’s, KFC, Dominos Pizza, Pizza Hut and many more options.

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