Delhi Airport – Cloakroom facilities

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Delhi Airport – Cloakroom/storage facilities

Cloakrooms are great for travelers who are pressed for time and are traveling to a small town. You will have your connecting flights and worrying about your baggage at the same time is nothing but a headache. Leave them in the cloakroom and only carry your bare essentials. You can be at peace when it comes to the safety of your luggage. With well-trained staff members, the airport makes sure that the luggage has been stored safely in secure lockers until you pick them up again. You can deposit the luggage at the domestic terminal and get it delivered in the International Terminal before the check-in of your next flight or vice-versa.

Also, you will be ready to determine the size of the security locker. For an added measure, the luggage that you will store will have to go through stringent checks and x-ray screenings. The luggage is also going to hand-searched randomly for any items that are not permitted. Well-trained staff members of the airport will do the procedure.
Cloakroom and storage facilities have been designed to provide you with a hassle-free stay in the city or enjoy some duty-free shopping without carting the luggage around.

Carrying heavy luggage during the travel especially for international tourist is very inconvenient and cumbersome. So, to help travelers ease their burden T3 terminal as left baggage/ cloakroom right at the connecting building between Terminal 3 and T3 metro station. Where passenger can leave their extra luggage for maximum up to 30 days at an additional charge along with a copy of boarding pass and valid photo ID proof.

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