New Delhi Airport childcare rooms

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Delhi Airport – Baby & Childcare rooms

Childcare- Delhi’s airport offers special rooms for parents to attend to their children’s needs in private, which includes special nursing rooms for nursing mothers. Childcare/Parent rooms are located on main departure hall just at the extreme left of the departure hall near the end of A-B check-in desk and extreme right corner of main departure hall near N-P check-in desk close to restroom facilities.

There is another child care room at T3 international departure section after security gates just at the beginning of the shopping area in case parents need to take care of their infants, toddlers after security and immigration check.

Indira Gandhi International Airport also provides day care rooms for infants and toddlers, available around the clock. For all domestic traveler, childcare/parents room can be located just after the security check gate as they enter the main departure lounge area. Domestic Arrival main hall has one parent/childcare room located after exiting from the luggage section to the main hall towards left and opposite to café coffee day lounge.


Children Play Area- Special Children’s play area is also available near international departure.

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